Beverly Hills, California 90210

Beverly Hills is considered among the most elite neighborhoods in the world along with destinations such as Manhattan, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Monaco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Geneva. This Platinum Triangle vertex is the central community for Los Angeles' rich and famous (see Holmby HillsBel-Air). The major walking streets of the city include Canon Drive, Beverly Drive, and Rodeo Drive and flanked by Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard that run the breadth of Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean. These roads adorned with the most exclusive shopping, offices, hotels, and restaurants. A stroll north from the city is where many residents enjoy living in the prestigious Beverly Hills Flats area, while other residents prefer a short drive to the exclusive streets of Beverly Hills North of Sunset Blvd. Regardless of your proximity to the city, all visitors and residents enjoy an air of privacy, exclusiveness, and the highest standards of any luxurious destination. Contact Steve Frankel for all of your Beverly Hills Real Estate questions or needs.