Q: How can homeowners get their home open house-ready even when they are not planning to sell? And why shouldn't you put off upgrades?

There are a variety of things a homeowner can do to eventually become prepared to bring their home on the market and achieve top dollar.

  • For instance, replacing older carpet with hardwood doors. The homeowner will get enjoyment today, and it’s an upgrade Buyers are looking for. 
  • Changing out older kitchen appliances is also helpful. Today’s refrigerators are much more energy efficient, so a homeowner can reap the benefits and Buyers are looking for newer appliances. 
  • Painting the exterior of the house new and current colors will protect the wood areas of a house and look more aesthetically pleasing. 

"Live and enjoy your home today while you artfully maintain the property which will appeal to Buyers once you are ready to move on."